We believe in delivering the best quality products available

To us quality is important; every lot of raw material is checked for freshness and we work side by side with our employees to achieve our collective goals.

The site also has a pond for live storage of lobster, located adjacent to the processing plant. Our plant processes raw and cooked freshly frozen lobster products.

Vacuum Packed Lobster Meat

  • Regular meat (tails, claw and knuckle)
  • Tail meat
  • CK meat (claw and knuckle)
  • Knuckle meat
  • Claw meat
  • Leg meat
  • Knuckle meat
  • Broken tail meat
  • Minced meat

Other Products

  • Frozen whole raw lobster
  • Blanched tails
  • Split tails in shell
  • Frozen whole cooked lobster
  • Raw tails

Raymond O'Neill & Son Fisheries Ltd.

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