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Raymond O’Neill & Son Fisheries Ltd. was founded in 1983, starting as a small lobster pond located next to the family home. From there a demand for lobster products grew and soon the existing site used for the Company became too small. A parcel of land nearby was available for purchase and the vision of owning and operating a process plant for finished lobster products was born.

We began production in a 2500 square foot building with 12 employees. Through the years the Company gained a reputable place in the industry and the family owned facility now has approximately 45,000 square feet on the premises. There are about 220 employees working seasonally for the Company and 90% are local people. It operates approximately six days of the week with a single shift 8am to 5pm.

Presently the plant processes freshly frozen raw and cooked lobster products. The site also has a pond for live storage of lobster, located adjacent to the processing plant.

The plant is registered with CFIA, PIP and FDA, US Home Security C-TPAT, Bioterrorism Preparedness and has certification on file. We are always working to improve our food safety programs and we have received SQF certification.

To accommodate the growth of the Company; construction changes over the years has allowed the company to become seekers & innovators who welcome new ideas as put forth in the world market.

The Company and its employees have improved and kept up- to-date on the industry’s demands and expectations since it began and has grown to become a main stay in the community and a serious contender in the world market. Changes are made within the infrastructure when needed and/or recommended; this could be within management, process flows, government policies or customer specifications.

Community Values

  • We believe in creating profit and growth to ensure that our company stays strong and able to provide work for the community.
  • We encourage learning and education to enhance the skills of our employees.
  • We believe in being honest, ethical, treating people with respect and recognition.
  • We continually work on building an open and honest relationship by communication with our employees and our customers. This allows us to improve in all areas of the business.
  • We’re committed to fisheries sustainability.
  • We support our community as much as possible by donating to local charities, sporting events and schools.


  • Our products are sold in Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan and Europe, with 70% going to USA, the remaining 10% to the rest of the world.
  • Our main customers are in the institutional sector, but we also supply 1% retail to fish markets. We stand by our work and handle any complaints personally.
  • We serve our customers in a friendly, fair, positive, responsive and equitable way, by personally offering the best possible service and product.

Raymond O'Neill & Son Fisheries Ltd.

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